URAWarrior Community

Call 911 if you or someone you know is in immediate danger or go to the nearest emergency room.
We may feel detached at some times and we may not feel like connecting at other times, but deep down we all have a story to share. Each and every one of you has an inner warrior… and a calling to greatness so it’s time that we step into our power.
There’s even a scientific formula behind this app to awaken your warrior within. The formula calls for four ingredients: dopamine for personal development, endorphins for self-improvement, serotonin for motivation, and oxytocin for support. These four “happiness hormones” will set you on the path to healing and greatness.
More good news! The mental wellness community you’re looking for does exist… and we have the ingredients. Visit our warrior wall and share your story, get uplifting daily affirmations and meditations, join a warrior group, and take our daily challenges. We’ll help you start with small steps and turn them into big life changes. Happiness leads to healthiness.
Our app is based on the Warrior Method:

Warrior method

We base our philosophy upon the four pillars of the Warrior method:

We want to open the door to support and guidance, and for you to discover the beauty in your life. You can transform your mindset and lifestyle, day by day — because there’s greatness in you. You are a WARRIOR and we’re in this together.

We are here for all

We welcome everyone from the LGBTQ+, non-binary and more. Everyone is allowed. You are not alone.

Take a break

We know you need to take a break and breathe and that’s why we have incorporated meditation breaks and positive affirmations throughout the app. Take a moment to breathe and have some alone time because you need it.

Here is what you will encounter
on our app while we grow into our phases:


Find your inner Warrior and let it shine. Our passionate virtual coaches will help get you where you want to go through their daily motivational quotes or accountability steps. Learn how to be patient with yourself, accept yourself, and achieve inner growth and peace. We know you can do this and, soon, you’ll believe it too.


You have a story to tell, and we want to hear it. Find your Warrior family, get healing support from friends, and grow together through community affirmations, meditation, affirmations and more community activities.


Talk with other members of the Warrior community and build your tribe for friendship, accountability, and growth. Find your fit among Improve Your Happiness, Frontline Workers, Addiction, Depression, Black Men, College Stresses, and so many other groups. Your Warrior family is here.


Be uplifted, inspired, and empowered by the community that surrounds you. Share, learn, and grow on your journey to becoming your best, healthiest self. It takes 21 days to create a regular practice and 90 days to make that practice part of your everyday lifestyle. Your path starts here with our Urawarrior challenges.