Urawarrior_Blog / By Bershan Shaw

Money comes and goes so easily in this fast paced fast food world. Everywhere you turn there are restaurants, clothing stores, online sites, and things to buy. Consumer goods are constantly in our face and the lifestyle of the rich and famous is on television showing us luxury and the good life every chance they get and we all want a piece of it. With celebrities, reality stars, athletes and actors we all want to live lavishly but we really can’t afford it. In these economic times we should be saving our dollars rather than spending them but we never can get a hold of our accounts and everyday we see it dwindling down more and more. Here are some things that you can cut down on. First, you can cut down on your food spending budget. If you eat out all the time, you need to learn to cook at home and save money. Look for coupons in the store and not be afraid to bargain shop. Next is your cell phone bill. This bill can be very expensive and can be costly on a monthly basis; however, you need to curtail your bill and look for cheaper plans and see if you are out of your montly bill be cognizant about it. Another way to save money is through your socializing and entertainment bill. It costs money to go out and you spend money without even thinking about it. The minute you go to a bar, restaurant or lounge you are buying drinks or eating appetizers and it cost money. Then you have to drive or take a cab which costs money. You need to set a budget for the night and stay in that limit. Lastly is you need to cut back on transportation. Gas is still very expensive and you need to learn to find ways to take public transportation or find a cheap station for gas or take the subway or ride a bicycle because you get exercise. You don’t have to drive everywhere. It puts wear and tear on your car and you spend a lot of money. Beware of these things. If you watched the little things and the way you spend it could save you money.