Urawarrior_Blog / By Bershan Shaw

It's easy to beat up on yourself and make bad judgments about how you look and the way you act because you are the closest person to YOU. You may not like how fat you are or how skinny you are or how tall or short you are or the way you speak, look, talk or dress. You maybe beating yourself up too much and nothing good comes from a place where you are always putting yourself down. You must first love yourself and tell yourself that you may have some faults or things that you don’t like about yourself but you will work on them to get better. Everyone has something that they need to work on including me. I have a lot of things in my life to work on and I know I’m not perfect but I know that it takes one step at a time to change myself. I also know that in order to begin to change myself and my ways I have to start with a positive attitude and loving myself. Here are three quick ways to start the process.

First, I think everyone should have a gratitude journal. You should start your day writing down something you are happy and grateful about. The more and more you are thankful for what you have the more the Universe brings you good things.

Second, take time to pamper yourself. We spend so much time caring and giving to others and we forget to take time for ourselves. We must treat ourselves good whether its taking a vacation, getting a massage or treating ourselves to a special dinner. Whatever choice you make to pamper yourself do it because everyone needs to be treated good.

Third, you need to eat right and exercise. In order to start loving yourself you must take care of your body because your body is your temple. Take the time to exercise at least three times a week and to start healthy eating. The more you take care of your mind and body connection the better you will feel.

These are a few of my tips in starting to love yourself but check out my workshop that is coming soon in April. See you then!